Earshot Jazz - For the RECORD

The Music Factory Label, February 2023


Best known as the founder of Madison Park’s Music Factory music school, guitarist Ari Joshua also operates a label of the same name, steadily releasing choice cuts and album-length statements from his stockpile of genre-spanning studio collaborations with a murderer’s row of musical talent. The watchword is versatility. On his 2021 single, “Say Whatcha Wanna Say,” Joshua conjures Grant…

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Now on Bandcamp - Meeting of the Minds - John Medeski, Billy Martin, Ari Joshua, Jason Fraticelli 

Meeting of the Minds is on Bandcamp Click Here 


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Meeting of The Minds

by Ari Joshua, Billy Martin, John Medeski, & Jason Fraticelli

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Digital Album

Streaming + Download Pre-order of Meeting of The Minds. The moment the album is released you’ll get unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus a high-quality download in MP3… Read more

Fresh on Color Red Records with Ari Joshua, Delvon Lamarr, Skerik, & Grant Schroff coming Feb 24th, 2023 


Happy to share with everyone our debut on color red records! 





Ari Joshua - Fresh | Digital Single
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Release Date: 2023-02-24

Musical Style: Soul, Funk, Jamband

Music Influences: Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio, Trey Anastasio Band, Soule Monde, Jimmy Smith, Jimmy McGriff, Robert Walter's 20th Congress, Phish, Medeski Martin and Wood, Grant Green, Kenny…

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Ari Joshua and Music Factory Records is now on BandCamp!  + New Release "Eye Just Called to Soul, I Love You" OUT NOW!  

Music Factory Records & Ari Joshua - now on BandCamp, Click to experience actually paying for music! 

The artwork speaks for itself. Just like "Meeting of The Minds" which is due out February 9th, 2023... "Eye Just Called to Soul, I Love You" is an improv track but it is more then that, both these tracks are the first time these bands have ever played together period. Captured on tape, mixed, and mastered for your listening pleasure. Noe you can experience the thrill of hearing the artists play together…

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Jambase shares Ari Joshua's Top 10 new Releases for Winter 2023 {with links} 

For the Article on Click Here
Below is a text version visit the site for a image rich version, album art at bottom

There is poetry in bearing witness to the pursuit and realization of an artist’s dreams. Guitarist Ari Joshua continues to impress with a heady stream of impressive collaborations. 

This young lion’s run of acclaimed independent releases continues to bring together some of the jam, rock, and jazz scenes’ greatest contemporaries. Each release marks a critical note in his unique…

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"The Clinic" Out Today featuring Ray & Russ from Soule Monde and TAB 

Thanks to Grateful Web for sharing the new song, and writing up about it! 

Text Version of the Article 
‘The Clinic’ Featuring Ray Paczkowski, & Russ Lawton of Soule Monde & The Trey Anastasio Band 

Guitarist Ari Joshua continues to impress with a steady stream of epic collaborations in 2022, and 2023. It’s gonna be another breakout year, we are digging this prolific young player, musically he is just overflowing. ‘‘The Clinic’ Featuring Ray…

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"The Prodigy" The Saga of Milly and Fee Part 2 is Out Today!  

"The Prodigy" The Saga of Milly and Fee Part 2 is Out Today January 7th, 2023 

“The Prodigy” was written in Burlington, Vermont just a few weeks after “The Beacon Jams.” On many of these releases, as you parse his inflections and tones, Phisheads will note that they are at times reminiscent of big red himself. This is part of the shape-shifting tapestry that is revealed as you unpeel the layers of Ari Joshua’s musical influences. This song was written as a tribute, and an etude and Ray and Russ did a…

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Welcome new visitors! 2022 has been a great year and 2023 looks bright!  

All new releases are available here for purchase, and sheet music for most of the material is also available in the merch store. It's been a long journey to overcome obstacles and find a way to get this music out there, all your love and support means the world to me and the deep mission of making art! It is a really interesting time, it's a great time to support the arts, and hard working creators :) 

Ari Joshua - Highlighted Releases from 2022 with links

Robert Glasper, KJ Sawka, and Jason Fraticelli 

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Meeting of the Minds - John Medeski, Billy Martin, Ari Joshua, Jason Fraticelli 


Ari Joshua, John Medeski, Billy Martin, Jason Fraticelli 

This was one of the most magical sessions I have been a part of. I absolutely have loved these players since high school, I saw them around the same time as I discovered Jazz, Phish, and the Dead. My Jazz band was touring the globe and playing festivals and I was exposed to such a core of great music. 

In Woodstock there are dovs on every corner, painted, and left over fairy dust from the festival 50 years ago. John and Billy where presented with…

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'Thunder and Lightning' - From the Vault December 8th, 2022 

5 days away - Next, From the Vault. ‘Thunder and Lightning’ Recorded many eons ago at London Bridge Studios, Mixed additionally by John and Ari at The Music Factory, and mastered at Resonant Mastering.

Catch Space Owl on Live show December 17th at Owl 'n Thistle!

'Thunder and Lightning' was originally recorded by Space Owl and written by Bob Lovelace! Space Owl feat and Ari Joshua… Bob Lovelace Space Owl David Appelbaum John Ewing recorded this track at London Bridge Studio and mastered it at Resonant…

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Siblings by The Ari Joshua Quartet  

'Siblings' out now for fair trade on this site and the sheet music as well or you can get it on one of the well known music industry distorting sites that most of you and I as well support by way of societal norms  - meaning spotify, apple. 

The beautiful music was recorded by Jonti Simon, Will Lone, and Joel Bean. Will and Joel to my knowledge are not on social media, and not even playing music these days, so I hope you enjoy this rare chance to hear them. Jonti is a beautiful bass player who is playing…

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Peruvian Love Song - a Trey Anastasio Tribute  

Out now! Recorded in Burlington, VT during the pandemic shortly after the Beacon Jams, this is part one of a two part tribute to early Phish. 

It’s also a nice etude and fun to play! I will be sharing a chart on this if anyone wants to learn or see it. A tribute to Trey Anastasio and early 1980’s Phish. 


Ari Joshua - guitar, Ray Paczkowski - Organ, Russ Lawton - Drums, Scott Kettner - Purcussion, Ben Collette - Engineer,Mixing, Fred Kevorkian- Mastering 


*Ray and Russ from Soule Monde, and Trey…

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RECORDED at Avast Studios

Barrett Martin, Ari Joshua, Robert Owen aka Mesa, and Sandy Rowe Dickerson

Working on the Rancho de La Luna Sessions I noticed how much I am in love with this band.

A precious album of great ROCK N ROLL. This just came together and I wish it was my job to make more albums like this. The music flowed some songs where carry overs and some where new this one was from a Seed Barrett planted.

I miss this band. But you check it out!






Ari spends two days on Big High album 

Big High has two albums out and a third one is in the works from the Rancho de La Luna sessions.

Ari spent 2 days at London Bridge Studios mixing with owner Jon Plum. 

Barrett Martin, Ari Joshua, Mesa, Sandy Rowe 


Ari Joshua 2022 video mashup featured in Jazz in the 2nd Century at Earshot Jazz Festival  

Earshot Jazz Festival will debut 2 new works and a a video mashup of releases from Ari’s 2022 catalogue. Monday 10-17-22 7:30pm.  
‘Jazz in the 2nd Century’  

The mash up includes  segments from 7 Ari Joshua original tracks with collabs from Ray Paczkowski, John Medeski, Russ Lawton, Robert Glasper, Joe Doria, KJ Sawka, Bill Martin, and more.

Doors: 6:30pm show 7:30 followed by Thomas Marriot’s jazz jam session at 9pm 

COVID PROTOCOLS: All our staff are fully vaccinated, and we ask that our patrons be…

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Waltz of 1000 Stars is coming 9-17! Excited for the 4 new songs qued up! PDF of The Sheet Music Available now!  

Waltz of 1000 Stars is a composed piece, inspired by the classical music of the late 1800's and early 1900's and also by the works of game henge you would hear in the early 90's...  There is an underlying story but feel free to endulge your own imagination. 

Recorded in the middle of the Pandemic in Burlington, VT in 2020, just after the Beacon Jams shows TAB put on. 
More info on TAB here more on Ray and Russ's Duo here

Waltz of 1000 Stars is the type of song you…

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4 tracks cued up 9.17 - 10.10 2022 feat members of MMW, Trey Anastasio Band, Matisyahu, and Soule Monde!  

Fall 2020 Release Schedule 

9-17 Walz of 1000 Stars 
9-19 Burlington Coat Factory 

(Members of Trey Anastasio Band, Soule Monde)

9-26 Into the Void 
10-10 The Garden 

(Feat Billy Martin of MMW, and Jason Fraticelli of Matiatahu! 

All platforms!  early downloads start 9-11-22 at
Keep an eye on the blogs here and on social media sites for news and info 

We are asking folks to subscribe to a monthly membership for access to new releases, and 
exclusive content. I know we have have been…

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Reset button, recalling inspiration  

It’s great when you remember, all you had to do was the normal thing you do when you had to do something before to feel more aligned with your truth in regards to feeling better and being able to be creative and present and inspired to think clear and take care of healing and feeling better so you can be the best for the most amount of people, and you find the thing you had to do wasn’t a rational thought or explainable in any particular way, it wasn’t and generally isn’t tied to any action or contingent on…

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Art work options for new release with Robert Glasper, KJ Sawka, and Jason Fraticelli!  

This will be the second song from this session to be released. Eventually this will be a full album as with all the sessions Ari has been a part of in the last decade, but the cost of putting out a full album mixed with the lack of people buying music, has forced a single release approach. 'Eye's Only', the first release from this session got great reviews, and all the stuff is really special so we can't wait to share it with you!  Is there a design version that sticks out to you? 

NOLA Howlin' Wolf Run 

Early show 8pm (all other shows at Howlin Wolf are 10pm till close)

Ari Joshua drops into NOLA Jazz Fest for a few shows on the Grid, Bringing with him a trio of Hammond Organ Genius Joe Doria, and AJB Band Member Luca Cartner on Drums. Guests are expected to be featured and joining in all weekend into the wee hours!  

If you are fan of Jazz or Jam music you'll love Ari's playing which lands between Trey Anastasio and Jerry Garcia, and influences from the legendary jazz classics!   

Fresh off a few studio…

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