THE MOCKINGBIRD FOUNDATION, Ari Joshua & Friends performance June 5, 2021

LIVESTREAM JUNE 4, 5, 6, 2021 



Ari was invited, thanks to Amy Novo of Novo Productions and the Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio, to participate in Phish fans creation, The Mockingbird Foundation's 25th Anniversary Celebration Livestream.  The Mockingbird Foundation is a charity organization focussed on promoting music education.  



The stream aired June 4, 5, 6th 2021.  The Ari Joshua & Friends footage can be viewed at the Mockingbird Foundation Youtube channel here. 

Additionally, Ari was a part of the Guitar panel for the event.  Also on the Mockingbird Foundation Youtube channel, the Guitar panel included els Cline (Wilco, The Nels Cline Singers), Ari Joshua, Scott Metzger (Joe Russo's Almost Dead, Phil & Friends) and hosted by Dr. Stephanie Jenkins.

Songs will include many of Ari's unreleased and never before performed original music including Millie & Fee, Take A Little Sip, Inertia, Afrobeat, Melodies, and Ray of Light.  The Ari Joshua Band also plays a tender rendition of Phish's song Mockingbird, and a happy-meditation-inducing  version of The Grateful Dead's Help On the Way > Slipknot > Franklin's Tower.   



Many thanks to Bill Ryan, our Mockingbird Foundation contact and Board-member, David Brady vidio-man extraordinaire, Aaron Harmonson audio guru, and the Avast Recording Studio team, Jay and Stuart.  



Mockingbird Foundation Youtube

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