"The Prodigy" The Saga of Milly and Fee Part 2 is Out Today!

"The Prodigy" The Saga of Milly and Fee Part 2 is Out Today January 7th, 2023 

“The Prodigy” was written in Burlington, Vermont just a few weeks after “The Beacon Jams.” On many of these releases, as you parse his inflections and tones, Phisheads will note that they are at times reminiscent of big red himself. This is part of the shape-shifting tapestry that is revealed as you unpeel the layers of Ari Joshua’s musical influences. This song was written as a tribute, and an etude and Ray and Russ did a beautiful job interpreting the good. To dedicate one’s life to music, one must cast a wide net. The sheet music for all new releases is available on his website in the merch tab, maybe so, or, maybe not. 

“The architecture in Burlington, the old churches, the lake, it all made for a magical carousel journey in my mind. I imagined what I would write if I was there at that time, and it just flowed off the page.”


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