EDM Rekords' Review of "Nun Kommt Es Werder"

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and now it comes... (Original Single)

8 August 2023|Music Reviews, NEWS

With his latest release, guitarist Ari Joshua proves he has evolved from a technical virtuoso into a masterful musical storyteller. On the meditative new track "and now it comes..." with The Ari Joshua Quartet, he takes listeners on a nostalgic seven-minute journey using nothing but the band's adept musicianship.

The song begins quietly, the memories it evokes rippling softly like calm waves. Joel Bean's gentle piano chords set a wistful yet peaceful mood, accompanied soon after by Geoff Harper's languid bass lines that smoothly propel the track forward. When Will Lone's understated drums come in, they lay down a mellow groove that invites a leisurely sway.

Joshua's guitar has a distinctive jazzy style, infusing the atmosphere with beautiful poignancy. His phrases are relaxed yet emotional, with easygoing runs that evoke feelings of nostalgia and sentimentality in a soothing manner. He displays effortless control of his instrument, conveying a range of emotions from bittersweet recollection to gentle-spirited reflection, without showboating his skills.

As the song unfolds, the easy musical rapport between the members of the Quartet becomes apparent. Though listeners may focus on one instrument at a time, each member is acutely aware of the others, responding organically to slight variations in tone and tempo.

The thoughtfully crafted arrangement transports the listener, allowing memories to surface gently. Great music like this has a timeless ability to stir such recollections, infusing ordinary memories with beauty and meaning that remain long after the specific details fade. Through its evocative tones and moods, the song reminds us that even in stillness and reflection, we are never truly alone.

With "and now it comes...," Joshua of The Ari Joshua Quartet proves himself capable of full artistic expression through his guitar alone. As he continues to fuse genres and push his music into uncharted waters, we eagerly anticipate the next leg of his ever-evolving musical journey with The Ari Joshua Quartet. Be sure to check out this stunning new release from The Ari Joshua Quartet, Joshua's most vulnerable and emotive to date, now on all major streaming platforms. Follow Ari Joshua and The Ari Joshua Quartet on social media to keep up with new announcements and upcoming music.

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