Ari Joshua Quartet live at Fred Holmes Art Gallery

Ari Joshua Quartet live at Fred Holmes Art Gallery

(In Case You Missed It)

$16 Tickets Now Available For Youth 16 and Under

The Seattle Jazz Community, both players and listeners, consistently look to the next generation of talent and audience to keep this uniquely American genre alive & vital. The Gallery wants to encourage that next generation through yet another source of exposure to the region's Jazz Masters through these shows featuring artists like Thomas Marriott, Alexi Nikolaev, Elena Maque, D'Vonne Lewis, Marina Albero, John Bishop, Jovino Santos Neto, Greta Matassa, Susan Pascal, Dmitri Matheney, and Others.

So beginning with this performance with ARI JOSHUA and all future shows, a limited number of tickets will be offered for only $16. to those 16 years of age or under. I'm hoping this will also encourage more families to attend with their children as well; regardless of whether that young person is musically inclined or not.

As the famous star of stage and screen, Tallulah Bankhead once told an aspiring talent, "If you really want to help the American theater,
don't be an actress, darling. Be an audience."

Proudly Presents

Saturday Evening, August 26, 7:00-9:30

NOW $25 General Admission / $16.50 16 Years of Age & Under.
(For Details & Tickets Click Photo Below)

Featuring Genre-Bending, Composer, and Educator/Founder of THE MUSIC FACTORY, school of music, Jazz Guitar Master, ARI JOSHUA With JOHN HANSEN (Keys), MICHAEL GLYNN (Bass), and MATT JORGENSEN on Drums.
ARI JOSHUA began relating to the world through music at an early age. Born in South Africa, he grew up in Seattle surrounded by the music of the local synagogue. His grandfather was a rabbi and services were replete with music, which Joshua often partook in. “I would sing and sing and sing.” Music was already being etched into his heart. “I would take the 71 bus down the Ave to Cellophane Square and other record shops,” he recalls. He’d load up on all of the discount records in the 99 cent boxes lining the floors, or outside on the record store stoop. “It was a lot of jazz fusion stuff that no one was into.” He was, though. He was into it.

Listening to those records and the blues led him, inevitably, to Seattle’s own Jimi Hendrix. He was obsessed; listening to Hendrix albums and doing his best to play along with a guitar given to him by a neighbor up the street. Joshua continued working on playing the blues, not thinking all that much about playing jazz. Then, one day, he wandered down the halls of his high school, bike and helmet in hand, when he heard some beautiful music emanating from one of the classrooms. He entered, bewildered and amazed. “What IS this?!” he asked. It was the Roosevelt High School Jazz Band. “It changed my life.” Playing Basie and Ellington under the direction of some of the greatest music teachers Seattle had to offer, he bloomed as a musician. “It was off to the races for me,” he says. It would be a life dedicated to music.

After receiving a scholarship, Joshua moved to New York to study at the New School and the Mason Gross School of the Arts, an arts conservatory at Rutgers University. He learned just as much about playing music as he did about how best to teach it. Jazz, he feels, is a language. “If you can unlock it, you can bring it into any kind of music.” “I’ve never had a job,” he says, “except in the music industry my entire life.” Joshua began giving private lessons as a teenager at Roosevelt High School. Taking on students would later help finance his way through college. “I’ve taught thousands of music lessons to people of all ages, styles, and skill levels.”

“I want music to expand as far as it can possibly go.” From here to Krypton, Joshua is bound to make that happen. (Excerpt from Earshot Jazz Interview/ Jonathan Shipley)

Sample Joshua's Sound Here:

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