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Ari Joshua – Eyes Of The World

Ari Joshua - Eyes of The World

Seattle-based musician Ari Joshua has taken on the challenge of covering the Grateful Dead’s timeless classic, Eyes Of The World. Not only has he tackled this iconic song, but he has also gathered an all-star band to accompany him on this endeavor. With John Kimock on drums, Andy Hess on bass, and Eden Ladin on keyboards, Joshua has assembled a group of experienced musicians who bring their tremendous talent and creativity to the table. Right from the opening notes, it is clear that this cover is going to be something special. Each musician offers mind-blowing orchestrations where catchy chord progressions perfectly match beautiful keyboard leads, cleverly assembled warm-sounding basslines, and profoundly detailed rhythmic sequences based on well-accentuated beats, breaks, fills, and other percussive acrobatics. The chemistry within the band is evident as they seamlessly articulate with smooth precision. The musicians’ ability to effortlessly transition between different passages adds to the overall dynamic of the song. This all-star band brings a soulful, funky, jazzy, and psychedelic touch to this rock classic with such confidence and a sense of balance.

The keyboards played by Eden Ladin create a rich tapestry of sound throughout the song. Ladin’s ability to find the perfect balance between atmospheric textures and memorable melodies adds depth and color to the already intricate instrumentations. With his skillful playing, Ladin demonstrates a clear understanding of the song’s essence while simultaneously adding a unique flavor to it. Andy Hess’s basslines are a true delight for the ears. Warm, melodic, and groovy, they are the backbone of this track. Hess’s attention to detail is impressive, as he effortlessly weaves his basslines through the song, complementing the other instruments and adding depth and clarity to the overall sound. John Kimock’s drumming is impeccable, providing a solid foundation for the entire band. His ability to tastefully explore different rhythmic patterns and techniques adds excitement and energy. Also, Kimock’s well-accentuated beats, breaks, fills, and other rhythmic maneuvers keep the listeners engaged and captivated.

Ari Joshua
Ari Joshua

While the band’s musicianship is undeniable, Ari Joshua‘s vocal performance is equally praiseworthy. His smooth and soulful voice perfectly matches the orchestrations provided by the band. Joshua‘s delivery paints a vivid picture, capturing the emotions and essence of the song. He pays homage to the Grateful Dead’s original version while adding his unique touch, resulting in a fresh and captivating rendition. Joshua also offers intricate chord progressions, riffs, solos and other virtuosities, so his vocal and instrumental performance is unquestionably a centerpiece of this cover. What truly sets this cover apart is the band’s ability to deliver a fresh and unique version of Eyes Of The World. The musicians’ creativity shines through as they navigate the song’s intricate structure, integrating their artistic interpretations seamlessly. Their commitment to exploring new paths while respecting the original piece is evident throughout the song. Therefore, Ari Joshua and his all-star band have created a remarkable cover that could easily pair with the original. The song is available on all streaming platforms. Don’t miss it.


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