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Jazz Rock· August 28, 2023
Ari Joshua – Help On The Way

A refreshing spin on a classic for many, Ari Joshua and a larger ensemble of talented musicians combine to deliver a tribute record that stands on its own with distinction and reverence to the fabled original. “Help On The Way” sees Joshua and his gang, including John Morgan Kimock, Andy Hess, and Eden Ladin, pay tribute to the iconic Grateful Dead tune of old. John himself has played with members of Dead & Co. There’s a freshness to this rendition, a character that sets itself aside as its own version from the originals style. It feels a bit more melancholic and moody in its soundscape, and more full and grand even at times. Ever as intricate and dexterous as the original, “Help On The Way” is a jazz and psychedelic rock fan’s delight and Ari Joshua takes it to a new experience with their rendition.

Joshua’s influence extends beyond the tracks alone. He’s set up his own store which you can check out here and he’s also a prominent educator in the space as well. A stalwart who’s keening on taking the music he loves and the music he makes to new heights, be sure to keep an eye out for what this multi-faceted talent brings next.

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