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Ari Joshua – Dragons Layer
October 3, 2023

'Dragons Layer' is the latest single from the mind of guitarist and composer Ari Joshua featuring celebrated experimental avant garde musicians John Medeski (keys), Billy Martin (drums) and Jason Fraticelli (bass). The track was recorded in a barn in Woodstock, NY as part of a multi-day recording session.

The new musical composition from Ari Joshua is a real fire-breathing tranquilizer that invites us into the world of cascading sounds, which are fashionable and refined in style. It seems that 'no wave' is making a comeback with his individual approach to each musical opus.  

Dragons Layer' is a kind of continuation of the experiment of great musicians who are not afraid to plunge into the unknown, play with harmony, stretch and strengthen it with improvisational moments and the spirit of incredible musical poetry.  

This track successfully combines avant-garde and jazz, art rock and сlassical. Successful passages and phrasing under the hands of real masters of their craft in a bunch create an amazing attitude that lingers, ravishes and does not let go.  

Listen to the single 'Dragons Layer' below on Spotify and follow the work of a fantastic contemporary musician Ari Joshua.

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