From the Vault! 'Home' recorded by Space Owl released October 18th


Ari brings his next single From the Vault, Home is a through composed composition with shades or Mahavishnu Orchestra, Zappa, 90's Phish, and Alman Brothers, vibes.  The Vault recordings will released as  compilation/mix tape series's the first one coming this Spring. Along the new material coming out of the Vermont sessions, Ari is sharing a few tracks each month throughout the winter of 2021. 

Recorded by Jon Plumb at London Bridge Studio’s  
Mixed at Mel Dettmer at Studio Soli  
Mastered by Ed Brooks at Resonant Mastering / RFI  

Ari Joshua - Composer, Guitar, Vocals  
John Ewing - Drums, Vocals  
David Appelbaum - Piano  
Bob Lovelace - Bass, Vocals  

Lyrics - Ari Joshua