Suri Goalia - a beautiful prayer song 

Demo mix of a song arranged for a nice instrumentation.

Beautiful song I think it was Hilel Tigay that brought this one to my attention. From Los Angeles,
when I was working for Dov's musical venture.... 2016 he rased funds for me to study with some wonderful people. Hillel taught me some exotic instruments.  This is a demo not mixed, but ready enough to share.

Chava Mirel - Voice
Craig Judelman - Violin
Ari Zucker - Guitar Voice
Matt Sircely - Mandolin

Pretty sure this is a new version of an ancient prayer song from Iraq!

Suri Go'ali Yah 
Maher v'ha Hesh Pedut, 
Ya'aleh Yefefiyah 

" Rise up and bring redemption. Rise up, it says, Beautiful One.


also lol for 1k$ I can deliver a nice mix of this one attention patrons.

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