a Love Song.... 

Here you go this was a song from some one I love very much, but she slipped away, not in a general sense, and not in a left this world sense in the sense that the person I was falling for was in my imagination, and in order for it to work the person she really was either had to move with me or I had to accept that we were not made for each other. 

It all sort of took its own road from there but she wondered from afar if I ever wrote her a song. 

My darlings, all my dear and close friends are in my songs. I hear the melodies as I sleep as I wake up as I sit down the melodies are always there. 

This is an emotional one. Worth sharing. Like I would prescribe this melody to anyone in a similar situation. 

I love you. I just can't figure out why. But it is not that I don't love you.

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